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Terry Bottenfield
CEO, Founder

Terry is the founder of Bottenfield Construction and also the hardest working person in the company. He has his hands and heart on every one of BC's projects. He has made a living caring about the details other contractors may pass over. It is inspiring to walk a project with him and listen to him explain in vivid detail the construction process, potential challenges, and opportunities for value engineering. He is also steadfast in never compromising our clients best interests, which is the reason why Bottenfield operates almost entirely off of referrals and return customers. Terry has been married to his wife Vicki for over 25 years and they have three kids together. (Jordan, Joshua, and Anna)

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Jordan Bottenfield
Vice President, Business Development

Jordan is Terry's oldest son and the second hardest working person in the company (although that could be disputed). He graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in economics. Jordan heads up our office location in Carpinteria (where he settled down after college) and has his pulse on all of our projects up and down California's coast. He works diligently with our clients to ensure their needs are met throughout the construction experience. Working along side Terry and Joshua, Jordan has pushed the company into offering design build and project management packages in addition to our general contractor service. 

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Joshua Bottenfield
Project Manager, 3D Designer

Joshua graduated from Cal Poly San Louis Obispo with a bachelor's degree in construction management in 2016. He is passionate about the building industry and discovering new technologies that are going to shape the modern construction world. His college thesis was written on Procore Technologies (construction software giant) and how their online platform is changing the industry. Joshua is also a talented artist and has incorporated those skills into the companies design build sector through his savvy use of the Sketchup 3D modeling software. With this program he is able to bring to life our projects and take charge of our design-build team.


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Kimberly Kiley
Financial Controller, Office Manager

Kimberly has been working for Bottenfield for a little over two years and has single handedly changed the culture of our company. Her work ethic is second to none and is felt by our clients and staff alike. She is an excel wizard, straight to the point, and an invaluable asset to Bottenfield. She is also a talented actress and has held parts in many plays and performances in her free time. How she does it all we are still trying to figure out. She plays a role in nearly every aspect of our company.


Sterling Finch
Senior Project Manager, Estimator

Sterling is our longest tenured superintendent working alongside Terry for over 30 years. His knowledge of the construction industry is something to admire. He can rap off ada compliances and environmental health codes like a preacher quoting scripture. His phone rings constantly, not only from the projects he is running, but our other supervisors and team  picking his brain on other builds. Described by some as a big teddy bear, I can personally guarantee if you are fortunate enough to have Sterling on one of your projects you will admire his attention to detail and passion for people. 


Steve Hammer
Project Manager

Hammer is the definition of a construction professional (yes, hammer is really his last name). With a background in residential framing and finish work he has an eye for the details unrivaled by your every day project manager. He spent the good portion of his early twenties becoming a master tile craftsman, unwilling to compromise on his pursuit of perfection. He is also an effective communicator capable of juggling tight deadlines while holding a tight line on overall quality control. Hammer is also an avid cross fitter so job site security is never in question.


George Woodford
Senior Superintendant

"Woody" has been working with Bottenfield for over 5 years and is as professional and good hearted as superintendents come. I have never met a person more dedicated to the craft of construction as Woody. His presence and relentlessness is valued by our clients. He originally specialized in fine custom homes in the LA area before re-locating to Buellton. The attention to detail and finish work he developed remains strong in his work for our company. In his free time Woody enjoys spending time with his granddaughter famously nicknamed "coconut".


Robert Nichols
Senior Superintendent

Robert is the real life incarnation of the famous "Bob the Builder". A jack of all trades Robert is known best for his willingness to  attack projects head on and get his hands a little dirty during the process. Robert has been working for Bottenfield for over 15 years and has been a vital asset to the company's success in that time. Robert has experience managing complex restaruant projects all over LA county as well as million dollar homes in Malibu. You will not meet a more caring and hardworking person on this planet. Robert is also a world class shotgun shooter who competes in competitions all over California and elsewhere. 


Joe Henderson
Senior Superintendent

Joe has been working with Bottenfield for over 2 years and has a diverse background in carpentry, finish tile, plumbing, and electrical. You would be hard pressed to find a problem that Joe has not dealt with and even more hard pressed to find a problem he can't solve. Joe inspired the common term "handyman" and literally has his hands on every trade on the projects he manages. In his tenure with Bottenfield he has handled complicated brewery projects and worked on restaurants in San Louis Obispo's historic district. 


Trent Bottenfield
Lead Carpenter

Trent is Terry's youngest sibling and uncle to Jordan and Joshua. He has worked has as a carpenter in the company for 20+ years. Trent is as hardworking and reliable as they come. Everyone that meets him is energized by his smile, tireless effort, and sense of humor. Trent lives in Ventura with his wife Sandra and his new-born baby boy, Louic Bottenfield. He enjoys surfing the Ventura coast and fishing in his free time. 


In 1983, Terry Bottenfield set out to build unique spaces with talented people, doing what he does best: construction


35 years later our company has grown to support 30 employees and their families by providing quality construction services for driven entrepreneurs. Our team is full of creative and skilled individuals committed to the same goal: to build innovative, aesthetically pleasing & functional spaces. The people who make up this company are the reason we’ve been able to do what we do best for 35+ years.